"The Switch"



It was in 2005 that I saw darts on television for the first time.

Not interesting 1st time, after some looks the interest began to come.

Quickly I understood the rules and the system to make scores.

Making interest to see tournements on TV, it was just the time my mother was very ill.

When Lakeside 2006 was broadcasted, I watched when possible.

Thinking my mother should't watch darts, extra while she was very ill, I was serpriced to see darts she was watching !!!

In short time terms like "stertje" and "rukske" were regular to my mother.

She ment "stertje" in Schijndel dialect or "staartje" in Dutch for Simon Witlock to his tail in hair.

She ment "rukske" in Schijndel dialect or "Rokje" in Dutch for Mike Veitch in Dutch to his Scottish kilt.

Since that time, there's no tournement passing without seeing something of it.

DGetting messages of my father, I see that ones I don't know about.

In February of 2009 I got the idee 'for joke' to go darting on the Dutch Open, I was there and I should play next year on

that tournement.

On my home there were constructionworks for three dartlanes to use two of them the same time if needed or wanted.

I bought a special darts trainings system to get better in technics and precision.

This system helps you to become better on the regular dartboard.

If you play good on the regular dartboard, it will help you to become better on it.

More information is avaleble on www.letstraindarts.com that is the home of this system.

After playing a little tournement in 's-Hertogenbosch (Lohengrin) I got hooked and agreed the Rosmalen Open (Bachus Open) but could't play the single-tournement...

I played the couple tournement with a mate from my village but we couldn.t win something.

We had had a very nice day to remember.

On the 6th of september there was a special tournement for people with limitations where I agreed.

There was the worldprimiere of dartstournement on the special boards of the darts training systeem of Bas Asselbergs.


This special day gave my friend from Belgium and me very much of plesure.

On the section MY EXPERIENCES you find more about that day.

What the future brings, we have to wait for it but agreeing my lifestyle and having other obligations, it will be restricted, it should be a very nice hobby...