"The Switch"

2010-03-08 !!!! GIGANTIC VERY BIG FAILURE !!!!


Uden - Monday the 08th of Maart 2010 - This everning I though to have a nice darts-verning on café Monty Python in Uden where each 2 weeks a ranking takes place.
Two weeks ago I was there for the thirst time and it felt good to be there.
On the dark, I could't find my way, the boss of Monty Python (Egbert de Groot) brought me to his café by car.
Today I saw the 'thunderstorm' again biking to Monty Python on the dark, unknown how to go there.
For sure I tried to call the café to say mayby I should late tonight searching my way in Uden, thinking the 30 minutes I could take could be to less time.
Much attamps resulted in only reach the boss of Monty Python which had an off-day not working on Monty Python.
For two weeks, there was shown a telefone number to reach when I got problems not calling the boss of Monty Python so I asked 'WWA de Boerderij' for help to find that number.
After all I only reached that same person.
Experiencing lack of help all fuse melted down and felt into unallowed words like "costumer service !!" on a very less unallowd way.
After biking 45 minutes through Uden and glasses lost on the dark (finding back was no option with lack of seeing something) I pulled down agression 3 times but arriving on Monty Python café that wasn't enough.
Meeting one of the darters serving a laptop I told what came out without filtering in an unacceptable manner.
One of the biggest was that one I told about the caféboss like "that dingy bad boss", while this was said, to mach to late, I tried to melt down the agitation with more power putting down all channels to me and out of my personality.
Jacqueline, the barkeeper, she gave me a last warning so I tried to get much more power to melt down the agitation again.
After 15 minutes I felt the worse melted down so I tried to repair the damage made to Jacqueline, so far as repaireble.
OAsking I should play daerts that everning, I answered the organisator that I would talk to Jacqueline first befor making every other step.
After making excuses and refinding rest I though it was time to try enter the ranking.
During the ranking, I send a SMS to the boss of Monty Python to make excuses to him too, the minimum I could do adfter this unacceptable failures.
Some people on the café saw that I didn't react like two weeks ago but I told them there was no reason to do so.
After some of them told me to be proud I told them they talked without knowledge what happened tonight and that theire attampts were wrong.
I told them that making mistakes meens you have to accept the concequense too, one of it is to learn your lessons given by your failures.
Other's to grow up your defense against this failures
More it's there when people help you, agitation against such people two weeks later like tonight is unacceptable.
There may be good reasons to say something about situations, this maidn't be reason to react like tonight !!
GLikely, the boss of Monty Python showed he wants to protect his people visiting Monty Python against situations like this by speak out an exclusion.
To be a member of MP-ranking isn't possible anymore.
I want, can and will respect, accept and support his with justice and based on principles decision.
On 'WWA de Boerderij' where I live, this experience will be known to work on this situations to protect against making this failures again.
To both sides the're things to learn.
For me it's to melt down agitation and negativity.
This experience can be usefull to new darts tournements I want to visit.
Based on it, organisations and cafémanagers can make decision to accept or not accept my participation on there darts tournement.
Extra prepairing activities to reach the place to be seems no unnessessary luxe.
A person to reach if needed seems no unnessessary luxe too.
Where more space in time should be very good, where more posibilities to force rest should be very good, one person to reach if needed, to help in problems-time till the darts tournement begins, should be recommanded.
People taking problems coused by darkness or other problems needs good support to find theire way to the location to be for playing darts.
With bad eyes and lack of central coherence (ASC) there can be irritation very quickly and the situation can escalate very fast...